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Woman slams husband’s ‘bizarre’ Christmas gift tradition and others say it’s ‘miserable’

A wife has slammed her husband's Christmas tradition which she and other find 'bizarre' and 'miserable' - others dub it 'sensible'

A woman has slammed her husband’s “bizarre” way of giving gifts to his family at Christmas.

Every family has their own festive present traditions – some love getting involved in Secret Santa, others have staple stocking fillers, and some get boxes on Christmas Eve. But it’s no secret that thinking about what every loved one would like for Christmas can be a mammoth task. And now with Christmas Day just one week away, the pressure is kicking in for a lot families.

But one woman has been left puzzled by her husband and in-laws’ way of showing their love at Christmas. Anonymously taking to Mumsnet, the wife said her husband’s family will buy something for themselves instead of spending money on each other.

She explained: “My husband has a conversation with, say his brother and he’ll ask what he wants for Christmas. His brother will say, ‘oh, I bought myself a new cycling jacket a couple of weeks ago, you can get me that. It was £xx’.”

Her husband will then ask what his family members want and they will “give a similar response”, she explained. The added: “So in their minds they have sorted out each other’s Christmas presents or money actually changing hands.”

The wife commented: “This routine is then repeated with every other member of the family. Am I being unreasonable to find this bizarre? In my family, we actually go out and buy each other gifts, wrap them and hand them over.”

People were very divided by the unusual routine. One user wrote: “I’m jealous of how easy this sounds. But it is a bit miserable.” Another added: “It’s not very exciting or magical, but very efficient and assuming these are all adults then seems quite a good system.”

Another commented: “It seems a bit odd to me personally, because ultimately, they might as well just give each other some money in a card and not have the conversation about what it’s for.”

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