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Impact your world

Yet who knows whether God kept you in a place as this for a purpose.

Apostle Paul as a lawyer, impacts his generation with both his secular and religious works which you and I are still benefitting to-date.

As a politician, chief Obafemi Awolowo did affects his generation, with free education and health policies that still made him a toast of all politicians today.

Mobolaji Bank Anthony has a major legacy to his name, and that is “giving”, he died as a philanthropist.

As a teacher and activist, Tai Solarin, cannot be easily rubbed off, in the educational development of this country.

As a religious leader, Apostle Ayo Babalola, refuse to die in the mind of many Christians; even when many did not know him alive.

What use are the positions, gifts/talents and advantages God has given you?

You don’t have to be the CBN Governor or President of the country, to put smile on faces of the people around you. Let’s have your feel before it’s late.

Are you sure someone will genuinely cry for you when you depart; aside your next of kin maybe?

A detail study of the live of Esther and ministry of Paul give the insights into what gifts and positions are.

Set a legacy for yourself and Impact your generation.

No one came to this world without a gift or ability. Identify what you have and let the people around you feel the glory of God in your life.

Remember the great man says “the gift of a man makes way for him”. Let your gift makes you stand out and put smile on your generation.

“ Say no to follow-follow and unreasonable praise contractor”.

Christmas is around the corner and the poverty index is increasing, share your love to your neighbors as Jesus share with you.


Just thinking we could make things better.


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