How Unprotected Oral Sex Can Kill You (Must Read)

This piece details the health implications of engaging in oral sex which exposes people to the growth of throat cancer capable of fatal damages.

The title of this article sounds like click bait, but it is not. Medical researchers are starting to put together the numbers on how many people are dying because of giving oral sex, and the numbers are disturbing.
According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, approximately 8,400 Americans are diagnosed with throat cancer each year that is caused by the HPV virus that can be found in the genitals. Why does that matter to Nigerians? Because the HPV virus is very prevalent in Nigeria, and the instances of cancer are rising.

What is the HPV Virus?

The human papillomavirus (HPV) occurs in the skin and internal membranes of the body. The important thing to remember is that HPV does not lead to HIV. They are two completely different viruses that affect different parts of the body.

One of the more common forms of cancer caused by HPV is cervical cancer. According to a study published by theNigerian Medical Journal in 2015, there is a strong need to raise awareness about the dangers of HPV and cervical cancer and the vaccinations that can prevent them. If Nigerians are ignoring the most common type of cancer created by HPV, then mouth cancer is going to be even more obscured.

HPV does not cause cancer directly

The HPV virus itself is not cancerous, but certain strains of the virus can trigger the growth of cancerous cells in the human body. Aside from the cervix, two of the more prominent areas for cancer cell growth due to HPV are the mouth and the throat. According to the Metro Magazine, HPV is responsible for 25 percent of all instances of mouth cancer in the world. The threat of mouth cancer from oral sex is real, and it is a threat that is getting more prominent.

How oral sex can kill you

The one thing that HPV and HIV share is that the carrier usually has no idea they have the virus. The carrier develops the virus, and then the virus is passed on during the exchange of bodily fluids with someone else. The recipient is the one who runs the risk of contracting whatever disease the virus is intent upon creating.

This means that the person giving oral sex is at risk of getting the HPV virus from the person they are pleasuring, and then the virus could trigger cancerous cell growth in the recipient. This includes genital and anal oral sex.

The chances are still statistically small

The HPV virus has hundreds of strains, but only a few are able to trigger cancerous cell growth. However, the rise in the number of instances of throat and mouth cancer due to oral sex cannot be ignored. The good news is that most people who contract the HPV virus never develop any disease at all. The bad news is that the HPV virus is difficult to detect in the carrier, and it can move quickly once it is passed to someone else.

Nigerians need to put more emphasis on being vaccinated for HPV, and diminishing the possibilities that they will contract any kind of disease from oral sex. Another way to decrease HPV infections is to use protection during oral sex. This is not always a preferred method of prevention among couples, but there are plenty of protection products available that can offer pleasure and safety at the same time.

With the rise in virus-based diseases in Nigeria, it can be frustrating to hear that oral sex may no longer be a safe alternative to intercourse. But if Nigerians take the proper precautions, then they can reduce their chances of contracting cancer and get back to enjoying sex with their partners.

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