‘I took my eight-year-old daughter to get her hair shaved off behind her mum’s back’

‘I took my eight-year-old daughter to get her hair shaved off behind her mum’s back’

His wife was fond of their daughter’s waist-length hair – but every morning turned into a “shouting fest”

standing woman combing a girl's blonde hair

The girl had asked her mum to let her get a haircut (Image: Getty)

Parents are sometimes going to disagree on the best way to bring up their children.

Most of the time this may end up with them coming to an agreement on what course of action to take – or at least reaching a compromise.

One couple however had very different thoughts on what to do with their eight-year-old daughter’s hair – and the dad took a drastic approach.

Taking to Reddit, he said his wife spent hours with their daughter, whom he named ‘Anna’ in the post, doing her waist-length blonde hair.

However, it seems their daughter was far less keen on getting her hair done, with the exasperated dad saying every morning was a “screaming fest” – and the Mirror reports that his daughter had asked her mother to get her haircut.

He wrote: “I think Anna realised she was getting nowhere with her mom, because she started asking me to take her instead. I was reluctant at first because I didn’t know how my wife would react, but I agreed when I saw just how excited the kid was over something as simple as a haircut.

“So yesterday I drove her to the hairdresser, where she got to flip through a lot of magazines and pick a picture of a haircut. And when she chose a really short clipper cut, I knew I was gonna be in deep sh*t with my wife.

“At that point though, there was no turning back. I mean, what could I have really done? Told her that no, she can’t get the haircut she was so over the moon about, all because her mom wouldn’t like it? I couldn’t do that.

“So we went ahead with the haircut, and by the end of it Anna couldn’t stop smiling. She went around the salon showing it off to everyone and even asked me to take a bunch of pictures even though she normally hates having pictures taken of her.

“We did get one rude comment from an older woman at the salon, something along the lines of ‘You can’t even tell if she’s a boy or a girl now’, but Anna was way too excited about her hair to notice, and if she did notice she didn’t care.”

Unfortunately, his wife was far less impressed with ‘Anna’s’ new haircut and stormed into her room crying before storming out of their home and driving off.

Many people responding to the post felt he had done the right thing, with one noting that “it was either you took her to get it cut or she got in the drawer and used the scissors”.

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