About me


Afolarin Olawoye is an experience content writer and story teller with ability to make reading refreshing.

A graduate of Mechanical Engineering; Masters in Business Administration and Theology.

He is a creative writer, with a blog spot that covers most areas of life existence.

SEO driven articles and website content including but not limited to Engineering,

Christian Faith, Education, lifestyle and politics.

So, can we go?


There would always be second chance. A new hope for tomorrow and the opportunity to do it right again.

Mistake, failure, disappointment etc, are all part of life which all pass-through at one time or the other.

“Impart lamp” believes there could be always a new beginning and reconciliation with situations. Healing the wounds of the oppressed and renewal of hope to the helpless.

Affecting the life of “greatness searchers” to succeed and Lamp to those in the dark; seeking a way out. Impartlamp.com uses scriptural words, biographies experiences and contributions of followers to say “let there be better life for all”.

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